Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will My Pavers Move or Shift?
A. Ensuring that your pavers do not move or shift really lies in using a good edge restraint. If you live in a hotter region be sure to use a concrete edge restraint, rather a plastic type, which may buckle under extreme heat.

Q. Should I Seal My Pavers?
A. Sealing your pavers is not necessary, it is however recommended! The reasons for this are that a sealed paver surface is much easier to clean, or may even prevent staining. Also, sealing will enhance and maintain your brightly colored pavers. Lastly, sealing your pavers will prevent the growth of weeds in between your joints.

Q. What Do I Do If My Pavers Are Stained?
A. There are a number of different cleaning solutions available on the market. Whether it is an oil stain, grease and grime, rust, moss and algae, or rubber marks, there is a product suitable for all stains.

Q. What Happens If My Pavers Are Chipped or Damaged?
A. The great thing about pavers is that they are so easy to repair! They can be pried out with the use of two screwdrivers, and replaced with new ones. It’s that easy! This makes pavers a very cost efficient product for there are no real high costs involved in repairing.

Q. Is Artificial Turf Easily Cleaned and Maintained?
A. Yes, For Grass-Like Artificial Turf used outside, simply use a leaf blower or broom to clean off any debris. It can also be hosed with water and since the backing has holes in it, the water will seep through and be absorbed by the ground underneath.

Q. Is The Turf Good For Pets?
A. Yes, When Artificial turf is used outside, it can easily be cleaned with a hose. The plastic cracking is porous so water and pet urine will absorb into the ground just like on natural grass. Other pet accidents are cleaned in the same way as on a regular lawn.

Q. How Much Water Can You Save In A year With Artificial Turf?
A. Artificial Turf promotes water conservation and many water districts are getting on board with the idea. Some Water Districts have announced plans to raise rates by as much as 50% in the next 6 to 12 months as Southern California water resources are diminishing. The Water District offer .30 cents to $1.00 per square foot rebate for installing artificial turf.

Since outdoor landscaping accounts for up to 80% of your total water usage, why not lower your bill and save precious water resources by installing Artificial Synthetic Turf!

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